TW-Studio Industries

Welcome, please take a seat.

Here at TW-Studio Industries we know what it takes to make you sit down comfortably. Upholstered furniture is our speciality in all shapes and sizes, always tailored  to your specific needs so that all furniture you buy from us fits in with your vision and market situation.

The finest materials, the best designs, a dedicated team.  It all comes together to create a collection that makes a lasting impression.

Set up as a global structure with Offices in Europe and Hong Kong and Production Facilities in China we all work together at servicing our international high end customer base.  

Please have a look around and hopefully you like what you see.  
Feel free to contact us for more information and learn what we can do for you. Pay us a visit in Haining and see for yourself, a visit will say more than 1,000 words.
We are at your service


Yours sincerely,

Kristof Legein
Managing Director, Founder